Online Marketplaces Settlements Report

Sample Power BI Report – Online marketplaces settlements report

This is a copy of an actual report (recreated using fictitious data) built on data from settlement reports from multiple marketplaces.

Enhance your experience, this report is best viewed on a desktop.

The report was built using Microsoft Power BI and has great features to interact with your data.
It supports filtering:
Power BI Filtered Report
and cross highlighting:
Cross highlighting a report in Power BI
(to cross highlight just click on any SKU / Store / Month in the reports and the other charts will cross filter accordingly (ctrl‐click to simultaneously select items from multiple charts)).
And it support drilling through using the selected data point as a filter for the next level of the hierarchy in the report.
To drill to the child SKU, right‐click on any SKU and select Drillthrough => SKU Report:Parent Page for Power BI Drill-through
Landing Page for Power BI Drill-through